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Are you a pet business that has a website but not seeing the traffic you’d hoped? Do you have a blog for but not sure what pet parents are looking for? Are you too busy with your business that you can’t keep up with writing all the blogs or emails or social posts to build your pet brand?

I’m here to help! I offer a range of pet content writer services from keyword research to content planning to writing and am happy to help you better understand how it’s done along the way.

Have you been asking…

Am I doing everything I can to help with my website SEO?

How do I know what to write on my blog?

What are my customers looking for?

How can I build my pet brand to be one of the top pet businesses in the pet industry?

How can I get my customers barking mad about my business?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, I can help!

My pet copywriter services can help you get your pet business seen on Google with SEO-optimised content!

Why my pet writing services and SEO services?

Hi, I’m Jodie, and I’m a crazy dog mum!

But what does this have to do with digital marketing for the pet industry, you might ask? Well, because of my deep love for my dog, I am not only an expert in SEO content writing but also part of your ideal audience. This allows me to offer a unique perspective when I’m doing keyword research or planning content because I will also consider what I would search for or what blogs I’d be interested in reading.

I like to consider myself a holistic SEOer, which essentially means I don’t just look at the data when doing any form of SEO research, planning or writing. When I look at the SEO of any website or business, I will consider the data, the user and the business outcomes. I might advise you to write content that targets keywords that, according to the data, may not seem worth it, but I look at the value it has to your audience and your pet business as a whole. Each business is unique, and therefore, all decisions should be based on that uniqueness.

What products or services do I offer?


Web Content Optimisation

Get help with optimising the already existing content you have on your website to help support the SEO work.

SEO Content Writing

Build up the content on the website for your pet business by creating SEO-optimised blogs that engage, inform and entertain your customers.


Content Marketing Strategy

Get an overview of where the keywords fit into your existing content as well as some new content ideas.


Keyword Research

Find out what your customers are searching for that could help build your pet brand, find new customers and make more sales.

SEO Site Audit

SEO is more than just keywords. Understand what other parts of your website may impact your Google rankings and tips to help.

SEO Support

Stay on top of your SEO with support from me. This includes regular updates, check ins and reporting on what’s going on.

Jodie Humphries Writer creating SEO content for pet businesses

Pet content writing and strategy

  • What’s your content strategy like?
  • Need to build a clear content strategy built around keywords?
  • Want to build out your blog with quality content but have no time?
  • Need help mastering your blogging strategy and process?
  • Looking for high-quality content that will get your customers purring?

If you’re asking any or all of these questions, you should hire a freelance pet writer! In fact, I would say you should hire me! I’ll use my knowledge of SEO and the pet industry to help you build out a content strategy that attracts customers and increases your brand awareness and brand authority. We’ll find content ideas that are SEO-optimised but also serve your ideal customers.

When it comes to content writing for pet businesses, it’s an intertwining of two of my greatest passions, writing and pets! I’ll bring this passion to each piece of content I create. I’m not only a pet content writer but a pet parent, so I understand your ideal customers because I am one. This helps me create paw-some content for your pet site.

Count on pet-industry SEO copywriting that works, and contact me to discuss your needs.

Keyword Research for SEO

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) should power your pet business blog from ideas to content creation. You need to be considering how it helps you appear in search engine results. Before you can start writing the content or getting it created, you need to know what you should write about. This is where keyword research comes in.

Keyword research will help you connect with your audience and ensure new content is SEO-friendly and serves your audience and helps to sell your pet products and services. When it comes to SEO content writing, you want your pet business blog or website to increase your online presence and build your pet brand.

I do SEO research or keyword research and pet content creation for your pet-related business, which means I can go on the full journey and support you through it all. When you hire a pet content writer to also do keyword research and SEO they’ll look beyond the data and into what will serve your audience so you don’t publish content just because it will rank. You want to help your pet-owning customers.

Image of a graphic of a computer with a graphs that are on the upward trend to visualise SEO services for pet businesses Jodie Humphries Writer provides
SEO Content Optimisation

SEO website audit

An essential part of your pet business marketing plan should always be to see where you’re business is at now. Before building up your search engine optimisation (SEO) blog content or website content, you should first see if there is anything on your website that could prevent any fresh content from producing any SEO results.

Pet lovers will always be searching for a new pet store to try or a veterinarian or pet sitters or dog walkers which means you’ll always have plenty of people in your target audience. If they’re not finding you there could be many reasons why, so why not do what you can to find out? Once you know better, you can do better to ensure you’re visible to every pet owner possible.

Furrequently asked questions answered!

Have questions about our SEO content writing? Check out the most frequently asked questions I get about SEO and content writing for pet businesses…if I don’t answer your question below, contact me to chat!


Why do keyword research?

Keyword research will help you develop a content strategy that is based off what your ideal audience is searching for. This will not only help you with SEO-optimising your website but also connecting with your audience.


Why build out a content strategy?

Building out a content strategy allows you to properly plan ahead and not have to stress over finding topics to create content around. Not only can you then better plan your blog posts but also your social media and emails as you’ll know what’s coming down the pipeline.


What is SEO writing?

SEO or search engine optimisation writing is writing that incorporates keywords that will help Google or other search engines see the content.


Who owns the content?

Once the final sign-off is made on the content and the invoice has been paid all copyright and ownership are automatically transferred to you, before that I retain the copyright.


Can you write for my pet industry niche?

I can write across any pet business owner, from pet health to pet food to grooming to dog training, I am a freelance writer who can write it all.


Are you an expert in pet & vet businesses?

I’m not an expert in veterinary content or veterinary practices; however, I am always open to learning more and more. Pet businesses are my forte, but I can also help support vet businesses with their SEO needs.


So, why hire a freelance pet copywriter?

Writers understand how to create engaging, educational and helpful content, so whether you’re looking to get started on your blog or build create more content for pet owners, a freelance writer can help. Being in the pet world as a pet owner helps me understand your business, and my skills help me understand how to create content.

Some of my pet or dog business content writer clients…

Pet brands Jodie Humphries Writer SEO Pet copywriter

Case study

Clients going barking mad!

Simple Choice Super


There are huge benefits of creating topical content that aligns with your brand and helps your customers either through education or engagement. Simple Choice Super understood that its members are predominantly young and predominantly casual workers who would be worried about their financial health during the COVID-19 pandemic. We worked on multiple articles to inform them of what assistance was available and some advice to help them stay on top of their finances whilst they may have less or no work. But the article that performed the best was one that educated them on what industries may offer them job and career opportunities even through the pandemic and economic downturn.

The article What job opportunities may be found in an economic downturn? had a small budget put behind it on Facebook and despite Simple Choice Super still working on building a Facebook presence, this article gained great interaction from their audience.

Emily Zhao of Simple Choice Super said, “while we’re just starting to build our follower base so have quite limited organic reach, I put a small budget ($100) to boost the Facebook post and it’s achieved some great results. The CTR is almost 5% which is an extraordinary result for any type of content marketing, it definitely shows how topical this is and a testimonial of your work!”


Read what SEO content creator clients have said…

“Jodie has been writing web content for our business (in pet care) for the past 3 years. Jodie follows our briefs perfectly, including any specific SEO keywords, and always provides suggested meta details as well as H1, H2 etc, header tags. Jodie is also super responsive, which is so handy compared to some other partners we have worked with.”

Masterpet logo

James Dowe

Digital Marketing Manager – Australia & New Zealand

“My experience with Jodie was everything I expected – professional, and the communication was excellent. The open communication gave me confidence that we would achieve the content I was after. I really wanted to develop the blog component of my website and she really helped with that. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jodie as a pet content writer to anyone.”

Gemma & Ollie Logo Thumbnail

Genevieve Hodson

Owner – Gemma & Ollie

I have high expectations for my company’s content creation, and Jodie nailed it. She has a fantastic work ethic, is very experienced, and is trustworthy. Her keyword research knowledge was indispensable, I didn’t at first know what keywords I should be using within my content, and she helped steer me in the right direction. Jodie takes pride in her work and has the ability to get things done quickly and efficiently.”

Charlie Mae Logo Thumnail

Beth Ireland

CEO – Charlie Mae Swimwear

“Jodie is an intelligent writer who always delivers on the brief. She is a great team player who will get stuck into tasks and help in any way she can, even outside of the brief. She has great SEO knowledge and technical skills, which makes her a particularly valuable content creator.”
The Healthy Mummy Logo Thumbnail

Rhian Petch

Former Digital Content Manager – The Healthy Mummy

Jodie helped me out so much as I was preparing to launch my website. She was so helpful and gave continued guidance on how I should best approach announcing my website launch across my social media networks.  She also helped tweak the copy so that it really resonated with my ideal clients.

Nicole Jade Coaching Logo Thumbnail

Nicole Jade

Life Coach & Owner – Nicole Jade Coaching

“Despite being a new freelancer for us, Jodie was very accommodating at meeting our tight deadlines and kept us in the loop at each step of the project. She was super responsive despite being in very different time zones and the content matched the brief! She was very flexible and happy to use our own style of brief, so it was easy to work with Jodie from the get-go.”

Ocean Finance Logo Thumbnail

Sarah Neate

Editor-in-Chief – Ocean Finance

I’m ready when you are! Get the keywords and content you need to tame the beast of Google for your pet business

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