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Search engine optimisation (SEO) doesn’t have to be so complicated there are a few simple things that any pet business owner can do to help boost their SEO. From optimising images, filling out the meta descriptions and title tags and more, there is always something you can do no matter your level of SEO experience.

Grab The Simple SEO Checklist and check off these simple things for an SEO boost!

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Graphic of a fluffy doggo with love heart eyes and love hearts behind it ready to look over your SEO

SEO Glossary of Terms

Get a better understanding of SEO with this glossary

If you’re new to SEO, there are probably lots of new words and terminology that you’re hearing and have no idea what it means. To help you get a good head start to understanding SEO for your pet business, I’ve put together a glossary of the most common terms that you’ll see when working with SEO.

From keywords to meta descriptions to optimisation I’ve covered them all.

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Graphic of a fluffy doggo with love heart eyes and love hearts behind it ready to look over your SEO

Get your SEO-friendly pre-publish checklist

Before you publish any new post, page or product on your website be sure you’re doing everything you can to boost the SEO using this pre-publish checklist. The SEO-Friendly Pre-Publish checklist is something I use before I hit publish on anything. Following these simple steps will ensure you doing your best for the SEO on your pet businesses website.

Before you hit publish again use this checklist!

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SEO To-Do List

Are you overwhelmed by what needs to be done to help you get started or stay on top of your SEO? Use this to-do list to organise the tasks from most important to least important or just to help you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Write down all the things you need to do and as you finish you can feel the satisfaction of ticking them off the paw!

Get organised and get started with SEO for your pet business.

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