If you’re looking for a content writer for pet business that can help you grow your pet business – I’m here to help!

Grow your pet business with engaging SEO-optimised content!

Are you a pet business owner wondering why you need to have regular new blog posts on your website? I get it – running a pet business is no walk in the park! But let me assure you, investing in SEO-optimised blog content can make a world of difference for your online presence and, ultimately, your bottom line. I love writing for pet businesses because it means I help pet owners find your pet brand and fall in love with it.

So, let me help you get your business seen by more people with SEO-optimised blog packages for pet brands that can help you keep the blog on your site up to date while you work on selling to your customers. Search engines will also love the content, meaning you’ll find new customers through new traffic.

wally smiling because his mum Jodie Humphries Writer is your new SEO content writer for pet businesses

Expand on content for your pet blog with the help of an expert freelance pet copywriter

Let’s dig into the “why” behind having a regular flow of pawsitively engaging blog posts for your pet business. It helps your pet business marketing attract pet parents to find your business when looking for a pet business they can trust.

Here are three ways hiring a writer to help create SEO-friendly content will make your brand the best pet care brand and share your love of pets in a way that will connect with your audience.

1. Boost your search engine rankings with regular SEO content:

Think of your blog as a treat dispenser for search engines. Each new blog post is an opportunity to sprinkle relevant keywords and fresh content that search engines love. By consistently publishing high-quality blog content, you increase the chances of your website ranking higher in search engine results. This means more pet owners finding their way to your virtual doorstep.

2. Establish your pet-related business as an authority in its field:

In the vast world of pet businesses, standing out can be a challenge. Regular blog posts allow you to showcase your expertise, share valuable insights, and establish yourself as a trusted voice in the industry. By providing helpful and informative content, you not only build credibility but also foster trust with your audience. When pet owners see you as the go-to resource, they’ll be more likely to choose your products or services over the competition.

3. Attract more customers through increased traffic and brand awareness:

Imagine your blog as a leash, guiding potential customers to your website. Each new blog post gives you an opportunity to attract more visitors and drive targeted traffic. When you create engaging and shareable content, pet owners will wag their tails in excitement and spread the word about your blog. This organic reach can significantly increase your brand awareness, reaching new pet-loving audiences and expanding your customer base.

4. Show the love to search engine crawlers via content marketing:

Search engine crawlers are like furry detectives sniffing out the internet for fresh and relevant content. Regular blog posts signal to these adorable search engine bots that your website is active and regularly updated. This can result in your website being crawled more frequently, giving you better chances of being indexed and appearing in search results. It’s like rolling out the red carpet for search engine crawlers and inviting them to explore your pet business kingdom.

Jodie Humphries writer sitting in a purple chair offering her SEO-optimised blog content writing services

SEO content writing will help pet businesses with profitable marketing

I understand that tight budgets can make it challenging to see the immediate cost benefit of investing in blog creation services. But let’s put it this way: would you deny your furry friends a tasty treat because it requires a little investment? Just like treats are a small price to pay for their happiness, regular blog posts are a worthwhile investment in the long-term success of your pet business.

I offer a range of tail-wagging blog creation packages tailored to your budget and needs. I’m a pet-loving writer that will craft engaging, SEO-optimised content that resonates with your audience. So, let’s fetch those higher search engine rankings, establish your pet business as the alpha in the industry, and drive more traffic to your virtual doghouse!

Ready to take the leash and unleash the power of regular blog posts for your pet business? Contact me today to start wagging your way towards online success!

How it works when you hire me as your freelance pet writer

A quick and simple breakdown of how things work when I create SEO-optimised content for your blog.


Graphic of three circles with paws, a bone and a dog inside a love heart in them connected by lines

Brief blog topic ideas that support your pet brand

A briefing form will be sent to get ideas around topics and possible keywords. I don’t expect you to answer every question about your website content, but to answer as much as possible to help me get to know your business.


Dog working on your SEO Site Audit for Pet Businesses

Pet content writing is done for you to help build your pet brand

Once we solidify the topic for the blog, I will do some research and then start creating content that is SEO-optimised but also engaging content that will help build your pet business’s online presence. 


Graphic of two dogs on a scooter with packages on the back ready to prepare your SEO site audit for pet businesses

To make sure it’s the best pet content, we go through revisions before a final draft

Once I’ve written the first draft, I’ll send it through via Google Drive; you can then review it to offer any suggestions since you know your pet business and brand better than I do. After two rounds of amends the blog will be final and all yours to do what you want with. 

About me, your friendly neighbourhood freelance pet content writer

Hi! I’m Jodie, an obsessed dog mum to Wally, an SEO-obsessed content writer and, well, just generally in love with helping pet businesses be their very best. 

I’ve spent years working to understand SEO best practices and how Google reads websites to decide what it will show users. Now, I want to create content for your pet business that incorporates this knowledge with my knowledge as a pet owner who could also be your customer. I want to power your pet business blog, creating compelling content that attracts pet enthusiasts like myself to find pet businesses like yours. If you have a pet business blog or website, then you’ve considered where you need to hire a pet content writer to get your pet business seen by search engines – I’m here to help you! I’m here to help you create SEO content that will attract customers and be seen by search to make your business the best pet business it can be.

Why hire me to do your pet content writing?

Read what some previous clients have said about my SEO content writer services.

“My experience with Jodie was everything I expected – professional, and the communication was excellent. The open communication gave me confidence that we would achieve the pet content I was after. I really wanted to develop the blog component of my website and she really helped with that. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jodie as a pet content writer to anyone.”

Genevieve Hodson

Owner – Gemma & Ollie

“Jodie has been writing pet content for our business for the past few years. She follows our web content briefs perfectly, including any specific SEO keywords, and always provides suggested meta details as well as H1, H2, etc., header tags. Jodie is also super responsive, which is so handy compared to some other partners we have worked with.”

James Dowe

Digital Marketing Manager – Australia & New Zealand (MasterPet)

Which pet writing services is right for your pet-related business?

Whether you’re in the pet industry, offering pet products and services such as pet food or pet care, having the right marketing services is crucial for your pet business. Hiring a freelance copywriting professional can be the perfect solution for businesses in the pet world wanting to increase web traffic through SEO copywriting.

I offer three levels of SEO blogs for different budgets and business needs, all of which can be bundled into multiple blog bundles. If you choose to bundle, you may be able to get a discount, and you have the ability to use those other SEO content collections for different purposes.

From Puptastic to Fur-Ever Fresh Content Packages

Package up your blog content to keep your website full of fresh, new, and SEO-optimised blogs that engage and entertain your customers while also telling search engines that you’re up to date with all the latest information.

Plus, when you package up the blogs, you get a 10% discount on the single blog cost.

Puptastic Posts

Just looking to start the blog on your pet business website? Then the Puptastic Posts package is for you! You get one blog a month for 3 months.

Tail Wagging Tales

Looking to build out your pet brand’s blog a bit more beyond the basics? Try the Tail Waggin Tales package that offers a blog a month for 6 months.

Fur-Ever Fresh

Keep the content on your pet brand’s blog fresh with the Fur-Ever Fresh package. You’ll get a fresh blog each month over 12 months.

Pawsitively Searchable

Looking to build a custom package that supports the marketing plans for your pet business? I can build a Pawsitively Searchable package just for you!

Get SEO-optimised blogs for your pet business

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