About Jodie Humphries Writer, freelance content writer for pet businesses

I want to help your pet-related business connect with more people online.

Jodie Humphries Writer freelance writer for pet brands

Hi! I’m Jodie. I’m an obsessed dog mum and freelance pet copywriter

I love to write content and analyse SEO to help small or medium pet businesses connect with other obsessed dog parents like me. I live on the Central Coast with my Chief Furry Officer (CFO) and the real boss of the house, Wally.

I have a confession…I’m an over-obsessed dog mum, but this helps me be a better writer for pet brands.

I understand what pet parents are looking for and can align that with what the SEO data is saying and what your customers want to develop keyword research, content strategy and blogs for your pet brand that supports your goals and your customers.

I want to help your pet brand help show how your pet products or services can help any pet owner support their pet to live their best lives.

Why my pet writing services?

Google is a beast, not a little furry one we love getting cuddles from. The biggest search engine on earth is a giant, complicated beast that no one will ever truly understand, but that doesn’t mean you can work with it. Just like a good trainer can train even the most unruly pup, a good SEO guru/expert/person can help tame the Google beast.

I’ve spent years working to understand SEO best practices and how Google reads websites, mainly blog content, to decide what it will show users. Combining this experience with my knowledge as a loving and a little-obsessed pet parent, I can dive into keyword research to find what your customers are searching for. I can then use this to develop a content strategy to engage, inform, attract and connect with your audience and bring them to your website and grow your pet brand.

With more than 60% of Australian households owning a pet, plenty of customers are waiting for your pet products and services to help them. I’m here to help you by writing SEO-friendly and quality content that helps build your brand’s presence online. I know SEO, but I’m also a writer who knows how to create engaging and informative content.

Jodie Humphries Writer with her pup Wally

Find Me Online

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The 3 pillars of my philosophy when working



Content creation is a collaborative effort. You are the expert for your business. I will work with you to develop blogs that will engage your customers, answer their questions which are also their Google searches and build your brand.



Things can change very quickly and not always predictably. This is why I allow flexibility in how I work. Deadlines can be changed, payment can be managed, and projects can be paused. Let’s work together to ensure that we both get the best out of the relationship.



Everything I do, I do with empathy. I also write with empathy to help engage with the reader. Writing with empathy will help you truly build a genuine relationship and connection with your customers.

Line Separator Jodie Humphries Writer content creator for pet businesses

Your Content is Your Voice

My SEO content writing services:

Who is it for?


Want to know what keywords will help customers find you?


Need to build SEO strategies that help power your pet business blog?


Looking to create SEO-friendly blogs to help inform and engage?

Talk to a pet content expert

If you’re still unsure if you’re ready to hire a pet content writer, get in touch, and we can discuss what I can do to help you grow your pet business with new content that builds your online presence. I’ve worked with multiple businesses in the pet industry and want to help you get your business in front of your audience and attract more customers.

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